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[ah.gah.pey] [moo]

My Love 

Greek for "My Love", Agape Mou is what every woman should say and how they should feel when they look at their body. Here we bring you lingerie pieces that can evoke this exact feeling in every babe. 

We are a body positive, and body inclusive company that just wants every woman to feel sexy and confident. 


After having growing a whole human inside of my body and giving birth to my beautiful baby boy, I just didn’t feel sexy or confident whatsoever with my brand new body. After searching for lingerie, I couldn't find a company that modeled their pieces on bodies that looked similar to mine. So I had the thought to try to create a brand that displays real women and real bodies. Trying to get any woman to feel the confidence and sexiness that they have the right to feel everyday. That was when Agape Mou Lingerie came to be. 

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